A New Wave of Mobile Applications

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Published: 03rd June 2013
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Mobile Application fosters workforce productivity

Enterprises have realized the importance of mobile solutions in business scenarios and have extended support to their workforce in an effort to keep up with the changing mobility needs of both information workers and customers. With mobility, business units can achieve improved employee responsiveness, fast track decision-making, increased productivity and greater customer benefits.

Enterprises started foraying in mobility solutions by facilitating workforce to work from isolated places and by encouraging bring your own device practices. While a few enterprises - the early adopters have capitalized on smart handheld devices, with solutions that supported their employees with mobility solutions, others still preferred to stay put and analyze further. In the beginning, these mobile applications were used to access information, but in recent times they evolved with transactional capabilities helping external customers, suppliers and vendors as well.

Leverage Mobile Solutions to Drive Revenue

The transition to online product/services selling has undoubtedly created a sense of insecurity among physically located wholesale networks, still play a vital role in distributing a company's products, given their experience and understanding of demographics, scattered presence and their competence to build long-term relationship with native customers. Hence, companies embracing online sales channel, must do everything they can to assist dealers to eliminate impending channel conflicts to attract and retain most reliable and growing partners' concern on top.

Since most of the independent dealers/distributors do not have the technical expertise or funds to build and update Web portals or make mobile applications, companies or manufacturers can help dealers/ distributor create and manage their own Web portals cost-effectively and recognize them on their Web sites. Online shoppers can then be routed to the most apt distributor's web page, based on the customer's search query, so that customers get products as per his choice.

By providing tools such as video and live chat, as well as products' quote generation apps on their mobile devices, dealers/distributors or intermediary firms can strengthen their bonds with potential customers on the go, diagnose their needs better and alter the products accordingly. Further, a self-service portal for dealers/distributors accessed via mobile device can slice costs and process complexity.
Lastly, intermediate forms must be educated on social media, other online channels give the necessary support to help them uncover immense revenue generation potential and capitalize on the ongoing trends and paraphernalia like access to the latest policy news and updates, commission structures, training materials, etc. Companies have to ensure that their affiliation with partners (distributor or dealers) and various channels work cohesively to deliver effective and seamless customer service.

Challenges incumbent on Mobility Usage

Companies can bootstrap mobility solutions especially to offer seamless strategic possibilities to enable workforce, customers and partners gain a competitive advantage.While mobility can be tweaked to unravel endless growth possibilities, it has its cut of challenges and threats. Some of the common mobility challenges are data security. Countries like the U.S have severe data security and privacy norms that needs to be adhered to the highest level.

Challenges like integrating legacy systems with mobile solutions and selecting the right partner for mobile application development management. Storing and moving sensitive customer information using handheld devices require organizations to install robust security mechanisms. It is also necessary to insure that the network used for transferring information is secure.

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